How Nutritional Supplements Work

Vitamins And Food Nutritional supplements are not a substitute for healthy eating, but at certain times of our lives, such as pregnancy or old age, they can help us.

What are dietary supplements?

Food or dietary supplements, as their name suggests, are products created to complement the diet or diet, and among their ingredients contain minerals, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids and amino acids.

They are not medicines, so they cannot be used as such, although they are sometimes marketed with the wrong indications to alleviate symptoms or cure diseases. Nor can be considered a substitute for conventional foods, its purpose is to provide nutrients that at times or special circumstances, are not being consumed in sufficient quantities.

They exist in different formats: capsules, pearls, liquids, powders, pills or tablets. They all include information on the recommended daily dose, as well as contraindications, where available.

Are they really effective?

On their effectiveness, in a review of 1500 studies, the most popular dietary supplements were classified according to the scientific evidence of their results, from very high to non-existent. Among them, some, such as folic acid for pregnant women, or calcium to help reduce blood pressure, have shown high scientific evidence to support their benefits, but others, such as fish oil and its contribution of Omega 3 to overall well-being have very low evidence.

Dietary Supplements

The fact that a product is very fashionable does not always guarantee that it has any proven usefulness, and in case of having it, not all supplements work the same for everyone, so they should always be indicated by a doctor, whether primary care, endocrine or specialist who is treating us.

When are dietary supplements recommended?

Nutritional supplements should never replace a balanced and complete diet, although they can serve to prevent nutritional deficiencies caused by disease or specific circumstances, and promote health in general.

4 Supplements To Improve Mental Health

Good mental health is part of the requirements for a healthier life. Currently there are a variety of supplements on the market that provide more clarity and agility to your mind while allowing you to prevent certain diseases. Here are the 4 supplements to complement your mental health with which you can prevent dementia.

Havasu Nutrition: neuroIGNITE

A product formulated in the United States available in a presentation that contains a total of 30 capsules with a formula made from ginkgo biloba and bacopa. This product helps concentration and mood control.

It is a supplement that has a specialized formula based on plants with medicinal qualities recognized worldwide. This supplement is completely caffeine-free.

2. Nutrition Essentials: Neuro Clarity

A clinically proven formula made from plants such as ginko biloba and bacopa. This dietary supplement helps you stay focused, improves your memory and helps clear your mind to reach your maximum brain capacity. This product is available in a 60 capsule presentation.

Help your mind to reach its maximum potency with this supplement. Just one capsule a day is enough to help you stay more focused, attentive and concentrated throughout the day.

3. Excelerol: Focus+

We are talking about a supplement of 60 vegan capsules elaborated under the most demanding pharmaceutical standards. Manufactured with a formula based on organically grown plants, helps improve your memory, concentration and keep under control your levels of anxiety.

A supplement highly recommended by specialists. Helps your brain to function at its maximum capacity. This medicine is completely free of gluten or animal proteins.

4. MindRise

It is a daily supplement of 60 capsules with a formula based on natural herbal extracts such as ginkgo biloba and bacopa. This U.S.-made medicine has a clinically proven formula to improve memory, concentration and even mood.

A single capsule a day is recommended to stimulate blood circulation to the brain and thus help the full functioning of it.