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Business Model

SanBio’s regenerative cell medicine has been developed in-house and requires considerable know-how to manufacture. This know-how forms part of SanBio's intellectual property and is a source of competitive advantage.

To maintain this advantage, we continue to manufacture this product and supply it to partner pharmaceutical companies, while licensing the right to sell the product in selected countries.

Therefore, as this product comes to market, we receive not only the royalty revenue associated with sales, but also profits on production of products supplied to partner companies.

SanBio's Revenue Model: Development Cost Support from Partners during the Development Phase, followed by Royalty Revenue and Wholesale Product Sales Revenue

※The above is SanBio's general revenue model.

Current Collaboration Partners

( as of February 28, 2018 )

Future expansion

For diseases and regions where we do not yet represent, SanBio will collaborate with leading partner companies in order to expand our business rapidly and effectively.

※License returned to SanBio from Teijin as of Feb 14,2018.

( as of February 28, 2018 )

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